Bonsai® OM-810CE
Bonsai<sup>®</sup> OM-810CE

Bonsai® Standard CE Approved 

The Bonsai® is not only the lightest oxygen conserver on the market, it also offers the highest oxygen conservation ratio available! Learn how the Bonsai® can help you save time and money, meet the clinical needs of your patients, and ensure continued customer satisfaction.
Save Time and Money
Features Benefits
Delivers up to a 6:1 savings ratio Reduces the frequency of refills, cylinders and deliveries
Does not require batteries Eliminates patient requests for batteries/battery changes
Operates in a wide pressure range: 200 - 3,000 PSI Extends the life of cylinders by maximizing oxygen usage
Backed by a 2-year warranty Ensures an optimal return on your investment 
Meet Your Patients' Clinical Needs
Features Benefits
Senses a breath and delivers an oxygen bolus in the first half of the inspiratory cycle Oxygen reaches the patient at the optimal time, ensuring consistent saturation at 90%+
Liter flow can be adjusted between 1-7 lpm settings Accommodates a wide variety of prescriptions
Delivers a consistent volume of oxygen with each breath - up to 40 breaths per minute Significantly lowers the risk of desaturation when patient is active
Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Features Benefits
Weighs only 10 ounces Facilitates extended ambulation with minimal weight and bulk
Single selector knob controls ON/OFF, liter flow and continuous flow mode Easy-to-use for all types of patients
Extends the life of an M6 cylinder to 6.2 hours when using the 2 lpm setting Offers patients the freedom to be ambulatory for an extended period of time
Iso Registered