Oxymizer® O-224, P-224
Oxymizer<sup>®</sup> O-224, P-224
Mustache style - case of 24
Pendant style - case of 24
The Oxymizer® is the simplest conserving device available today, operating without electronics, batteries, switches or flow controls. Learn how this disposable product can help you save time and money, meet the clinical needs of your patients, and ensure continued customer satisfaction.
Save Time and Money
Features Benefits
Delivers up to a 4:1 savings ratio
  • Reduces oxygen costs by up to 75%
  • Reduces the frequency of refills needed for both gaseous cylinders and liquid oxygen reservoirs
Does not require batteries Eliminates patient requests for batteries/battery changes
Allows you to obtain the equivalent of 7.5 liters from a 5-liter concentrator Eliminates the need to deliver and service two concentrators for your high-flow patients
Features a built-in humidification effect Eliminates the need to service and deliver a humidification device
Offers you an alternative to continuous flow delivery for hard-to-saturate patients Allows you to realize the time- and money-saving benefits offered by oxygen conservation
Meet Your Patients' Clinical Needs
Features Benefits
Compatible with a wide variety of oxygen sources, including compressed gas, concentrators and liquid oxygen Accommodates the oxygen delivery requirements of a broad range of patients
Proven efficacy for use at rest, during sleep and during exercise Ensures proper saturation in a wide variety of settings
Can achieve the equivalent of a 7.5 lpm setting at 5 lpm Accommodates the needs of high liter flow patients
  • Pendant model can be used with pursed-lip breathing at all flows
  • Mustache model can be used with pursed-lip breathing at flows higher than 4 lpm
Offers improved oxygen saturations and increased conservation
Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Features Benefits
Provides adequate saturations at higher flows when used in place of a nonrebreather mask Elimination of non-rebreather mask enhances patient comfort and allows patients to eat, drink and talk in an unobstructed manner
Achieves adequate saturations at lower flow rates Reduces nasal irritation associated with higher flows
  • Pendant model features a reservoir that can be worn underneath clothing
  • Mustache-style model now features an updated, clear facepiece.
Offers less conspicuous oxygen delivery
Pendant model now features soft, flexible cannula tubing and small nasal prongs Comfortable for all-day use
Facilitates the delivery of high-flow oxygen therapy in a home-care setting May shorten a high-flow patient's hospital stay
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